FRIDAY APRIL 19 – Knockout Performances & Working with Actors Peter Sardi
Peter Sardi secured his first job as a professional actor on the Australian police drama
series Cop Shop. Soon after, he was in LA studying acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute.
That training, followed by his debut as an acting coach to the inexperienced cast on the
classic Australian feature Moving Out, prompted him to shift his focus from client to coach.
He began a series of workshops for actors to explore the teachings he had studied in the
States and, thirty years on, Peter continues to teach at his School of Acting in Melbourne.
The techniques that underpin an impressive performance need to be invisible but, through a
series of clips, Peter will highlight the preparations and considerations that go into delivering
a knockout performance. As well as discussing the importance of ‘being in the moment’ and
the best ways for directors to work with actors. Peter will explore the astuteness of David
Mamet’s observation that ‘there’s no such thing as character or character development but
only action and the character’s reaction.’
Guest: Peter Sardi, Acting Teacher
Event Details
Venue: ACMI Cinema 1, Federation Square
Date: Friday, 19 April 2013
Time: 5.00 – 6.00pm
Tickets: FREE\

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Come experience real drama with Peter Sardi in Cinema 1 at ACMI.
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