FRIDAY 10 MAY 2013 @ 5.00PM – MELBOURNE , Leigh Whannel – Co-Creator of the Saw Franchise

Actor, writer, producer and co-creator of the Saw franchise, Leigh Whannel would have to be one of the most successful Australian practitioners in the film industry right now and given that his slate of films have generated approximately one billion box office world-wide … that’s quite possibly by a long shot.

What’s abundantly clear is that the success of the Saw franchise was far from an aberration. When Leigh and his Saw collaborator, director James Wan, teamed up again they repeated Saw’s phenomenal success with the 2011 paranormal thriller Insidious. They made it for a million and at last count, it has generated more than 100 million.

Melbourne born and raised Whannel, who is back in town to make another feature film The Mule, will join us to discuss the importance of generating your own work; knowing your audience and what he means by strength in numbers.

Guest:  Actor, writer, producer & co-creator of the Saw franchise, Leigh Whannel

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Join us for an intimate chat with Leigh Whannel in Cinema 1 at ACMI.



Venue:    ACMI Cinema 1, Federation Square

Date:       Friday, 10 May 2013

Time:       5.00 – 6.00pm

Tickets:   FREE


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